Step #1 Seeing Your Doctor or Local Medical MMJ Physician/Doctor

Make an Appointment with your local medical physician/doctor. Let them know why medical marijuana works for you and the ways that it helps you.


Conditions For Medical Marijuana Use can be found here.

State Application for Registration Card can be found here.


Step #2 Certified Mailing Your Application to the State

Once you have seen your physician, you are going to have to certify mail your Medical Marijuana Registry Card Application and your Physicans form, along with a copy of your Sate I.D. or drivers license and a money order for $15 for the state fee. Make sure everything is properly notarized and certified mail off your documents from your local Post Office to the State. ( We Have An On-Site Notary and Offer to Certify Mail Your Documents ) Once everything is mailed off, your are a new patient, and can use you temporary documents for 35days from the certified mailing date, your are able to shop Mon-Fri 8am to 5pm for 35days or untill you recieve your State Red Card.


All Other State Related Medical Marijuana Forms can be found Here.


*Any lapse in experation dates on your card, you are unable to shop, any rejections will be posted on the state website and you will recieve your documents back to you, voided out.


Step #3 You Have Recieved Your State Red Card You Are a Patient

You have recieved your state red card you are now a medical patient. You are allowed to shop anywhere in the State. Your State Red Card is good for one year, and once it expires; you will have to renew your card again ( same process ). You are legally allowed to grow 6 plants ( 3 in flower state, 3 in vegative state ) and/or You are allowed to designate a personal caregiver or a Medical Center as your caregiver.


*Renewal Process is the same process